Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beware of SPAM mails saying thousands of dollars won by your email ID

We have been receiving emails or SMS in our mobiles saying our email ID or mobile number have won thousands of dollars by random lucky drawn, few of them cheated too, beware against this SPAM emails or SMS, there are plenty of members across globe who used to receive such emails or SMS where few new individual to internet world or new mobile users become victims on this by providing them complete personal details along with requested amount to be transfered.

Each and every individual must be careful on SPAM emails and SMS where they try to cheat you directly or indirectly, I believe that such emails or SMS directly to be ignored and shouldn't proceed with them, we have to inform our near and dear about it who may become victims against it without our knowledge.

The bigger mistake is as saying: Cheated person is more responsible than cheaters, since victim has no overall knowledge about SPAM emails and SMS they just believe it directly without asking senior or expert on this.

Sometime, even well educated too trap on this SPAM emails and SMS, we should be aware that 'no one' can give even a single "Penny" without any effort or work, luck is something different than such hidden cheaters.

Be careful and refrain practice of following up on SPAM emails or useless SMS. 

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