Saturday, December 15, 2012

Straighten hair – is it possible

I born with soft hair naturally as other kids does, but as growing and when I reached a certain age (let’s say 8 -15 years old) I felt that my hair is thicken and dark – it is natural advantage but still I wanted to groom myself as other does normally. Thus, I planned to make my hair soften and straighten by using Shikakai, Henna powder, Herbal oil and Conditioner Shampoo etc. those sources really helped me forbut still strength, darken and long hair but failed to straighten hair.

I asked few friends and relatives about straightening hair and its tips but initially their tips looks like it can help, improve and enrich my hair groom but it is for a while and not a for a long haul.  I researched a lot about Straightening hair and had read some tips on newspaper supplementary and few books, experimented in different ways, all were useful for very few days only.  Later, I realized that hard to change the natural things, though nothing is impossible. I haven’t lost the confidence on this operation. Kept on trying, I was worrying on trying and its applying side effect and on the other hand consulted with beauty parlor friends – everything seems for a temporary solution only. I dropped its plan on straightening hair mission, but not given up.  Finally few tips really helped me a lot, one of them is writing over here.

One of the best tips to straighten hair is as follow;

Reetah (I don’t know in Name in English) will try to update its name – Reetah is a natural product like Shikakai. Reetah will be like very small ball, color from green to dark brown, it grows normally in a tree at remote or village areas. Nowadays, Reetah  is very expensive and it can be bought in any Herbal shop in City.

Reetah naturally contains lather / foam type – it is a natural soap suds contain from natural seeds. Take ten pieces of Reetah and put it in the hot showering water, mixed it well till it gets foam / lather. Otherwise, take a jug of water and put it 10 pieces of Reetah on it, mixed them well till foam comes out and drop it into showering bucket water.

Now you can shower with this water (applying conditioner shampoo together if needed) to enrich your hair for straightening, silky and beauty hair for a long time. At least twice weeks you have to use this method in order to keep your hair straighten for a long time, it cost nothing nor it has any side effect – this is one of the natural way to straighten your hair. Good luck.

I am posting this article for IndiBlogger Contest on The Straight Hair Experiment from Sunsilk.

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