Friday, November 28, 2014

My India that is clean India naturally

We are blessed that we born and brought up in India naturally and our country too naturally blessed with many nature wonders which are perfectly clean without any issues. India itself a natural filled up county where one can realize many natural things and one of them is climate viz. Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn etc. where you won’t find all these climates of natural in every county for sure. 

Since our country is mostly attached with nature, so India shall not have any dirt nearby since natural dirt which lies down under the land can be benefitted by human for many viz. sand, cultivation, ornament (Gold) product, steel products, oily products and ore products etc.

How about artificial dirty or unclean came from? Is it from nature or source of nature act? No, I don’t think so, but it is just came mostly from we human being act than animal or nature. Yes, it is obviously. Thus, it is our own responsible to wipe out the dirt than depending on nature for this.

Whenever some nature disaster comes, you can observe that there won’t be any dirt artificially unless human present or involved over there, so it means, we human is the main cause for unclean than other animals or nature. We human become utmost responsible for dirt or polluted atmosphere due to our laziness or no service toward cleanliness nearby. The nature itself cleans whenever some calamity comes and washed out the dead one or useless one toward sea which naturally cleans the dirt by rain or air to bring it to former state. 

When nature too can help us for cleanliness then how about human on this? The unclean or dirt atmosphere won’t much affect others but human only first, animal or birds will run away from there as they know the cause of the dirt and its life threat, so we become cause for various pollutions which finally put us on life threat or various diseases due to our own dirt act.

Cleanliness is nothing but it enhances one’s identity. The more cleanly the more self-enhances shows and the more dirt the more self-ugliness shows. The way we become clean by shower, following proper dressing code and presenting well on the task, we shall do the same for our home, street, region and even for our nation. Do you believe on this? If yes, each citizen has to contribute their minimal time to do it perfectly this service jointly which can help many including nature and those depended on nature. 

Human have enough capable to make their place either heaven or hell, it is up to individual choice. The only difference is, human have to make an effort to create heaven whereas it is not so for hell.

To take some initiative toward clean India, the campaign across India is going on and this is the time to do our favor for that and act accordingly. Here, #AbMontuBolega too have taken some initiative so why we can’t?

Article is written for IndiBlogger for Indi-Happy Hour contest which is associated with #AbMontuBolega from Strepsils on Clean India Campaign. Please do visit their website at, as well as Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter to know more and for token of appreciation on this initiative and contribution.

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