Sunday, November 9, 2014

Once upon a time kids were under life threat

Few decades back, we used to hear various health issues for children such as Polio attack, Measles, Diarrhea, and Malaria, various Poxes and few known and some unknown deadly diseases to kids spread across which finally death toll rises of the child. We were there those days as child but fortunately we got the right treatment at right time besides God’s blessing to reach healthy as what we are today. There were free assistances from Government Medical organization and few private health institutes to eradicate the ill-health issue such as Diarrhea, Malaria, Polio, Poxes and some other deadly diseases etc. Those social services and helping hand cannot forget easily when we recall those childhood days.

Other than many reasons for deadly disease children faced, one among them is, children were falling under health threat due to less immune to their respective parent which reflected in their child’s health that leads to ill-health in the beginning stage itself. At the same time, the deadly diseases tried to attack less stamina’s child upon where some of them got seriousness, some died and some saved on time. The more restriction power in one’s health, the more chances of stamina to fight back the diseases. The less restriction power in one’s health, the less chances of stamina or immune to fight back the various diseases which finally suffer by child or elders on this health process.

Though pattern and time is changed right now, still we got to go with little different disease for child but ready to cure them by Child specialist whether it could be of Allopathy or Homeopathy or different type of medicine and its treatment from their Medical organization. Medical research is going on in every department to ensure that health issue is solved at any cost from any kind of health threat or life threat whether it is for child or elders.

Since Medical research and technology development helps together to analyze, monetize, diagnose and produce the requirement dosage for health issue, thus this is the time to relieve little bit from deadly diseases as mentioned above except few which are still unable to solve due to various circumstances, for example – different types of cancer or a new disease like H1N1 etc. The research is not only going on for Child’s health care but adult too for various health threats to eradicate in lower cost with higher care.

Medical technology is grown in such a way that which is beyond imaginable, most of the major health issue is cured in such a professional way where one can’t imagine that how it happened easily and quickly. Though this is strange, the better option is, prevention is better than cure. Yes, though we know the basic principle and related health proverb, very important is, how can we prevent from health issue which we are unable to know upcoming ill-health? Yes, this is typical question but for this one too we got an answer, Medical technology and general routine checkup helps you to do so. You can now know the current status of health and immune system process. You can visit nearest health care center for this.

This article is written for IndiBlogger contest along with Dabur Chywanprash (3 times Immunity). Thanks for reading this post.

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