Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wellness of our Babli, Bunty and oldy

Would you like to eradicate completely diseases like Diarrhea, Cholera, DehydrationDysentery, and Pollution from India? If so, you have to think about natural atmosphere and self-campaign or support group-campaign on the issue of open defecation – we need to approach specially to those poor people or village residents or in selected city’s location etc. who uses an open defecation that spread various dreadful diseases for kids, women and elders.

As we are aware, those days are gone where there were no facilities for basic sanitation or no idea about sanitary arrangement and its usage, also out of question of discipline in this matter. Thus, sanitation literally means measures necessary for improving and protecting health and well being of the whole mankind. This start from each and every responsible person to aware, self-campaign and let other realize that open defecation practice is worst one. Beside individual campaign or group campaign for such responsible task, the Government of India too have initiated various program in different occasion. Some of the states took benefit and some not.

Indian Government helped with various scheme on this sanitation issue and few of them as follows;

Central Rural Sanitation Programme (CRSP) -1999
Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) launched - 2003
Nirmal Gram Puraskar (NGP) launched – 2003
More than 1 million per year child deaths in India (By Unicef study) due to one of the issue stated above.

The changes can be done when we initiate self campaign or campaign with group as get together and fight with open defecation issue no matter we have lots of good toilet & sanitation facility in the same environment. This is time to support campaign or organization like Domex to either donate some money or make an awareness for build a fresh and healthy environment where we can take breath freely and not worry about any disease will happen through excreta.  Be ready for Clean India – everyone will support for it.

The main challenges in this project is to make awareness about various issue on open defecation including health and safety, progress for change in behavior pattern and attitude, assist or manage for quality of construction and post construction, manage on regular maintenance of the sanitation, check the union at grass root level till date result of the atmosphere.

To take some steps as contribution on this well wishing task, to avoid the various diseases and major health and safety issue in India, one can bring changes in the lives of millions of people by supporting for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids and others live a dignified life.

This article is happily written for Domex Initiative from IndiBlogger.

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