Monday, January 26, 2015

How to have fair complexion? 10 Tips for facial skin care

This is one of the concerns for everyone or especially for the girls or ladies on how to have fair complexion or beauty charm or how to groom comparatively around? The more beauty the more attraction and attention surrounded. Many would like to know the tips for beautiful complexion or brighten complexion or clearer complexion or skin complexion. Here you go for it.

Nature has already blessed with its own beauty for everyone differently but time to time and age to age it changes the overall body and face structure. Other than this, how to add beauty on those body or face to get even better appearance while passing. What are the health and fitness required to get fair skin complexion beside make up. Is Beauty parlor helps it for all? Is Gym helps it for all? Is any other exercise helps it for all. I can say, No. They are temporary solutions.

Each individual will have different sort of health and heredity and some treatment for adding beauty won't match for some reason, including overall body allergy or skin allergy. The more we go through artificial treatment for fair complexion, the more chances of risk for the skin or health later if not now. So, it is better to go with some natural treatment for fair complexion which has no issue ever or side effect now or later. Only very rare or very very few people may face some issue on natural treatment.

Tips for facial complexion

1. Wash your face with cold water once in 2 to 3 hours
2. Apply any natural face cream like Garnier
3. You may apply lemon juice on the screen 2 hours before sleeping and wash it
4. You may apply Olive oil and massage it gently (once or twice in a week)
5. Make sure your food habit and health is OK (No overheat, blood impure & constipation etc.)
6. Do not use over fat items, cholesterol items, oily items
7. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices
8. Have salad items
9. Try to drink a cup of boiled or cold milk 1 hour before sleeping
10. You may use honey to drink or apply with lemon mixed on the face for a while and clean for skin glow.

Almost all the countries and their people used to have different pattern of skin treatment or make up process. Each county also may have different type of beauty or make up products. In general many country people may use make up products like Garnier which is of international brand, and many may use some herbal medicine or natural therapy or some sort of local brand products. No idea, which will suit whom for their skin and fair complexion. The product like Garnier have no issues globally for all since it is produced with natural sources with utmost research and care.

Most of them would like to go back to their ancestor way in some case including make up, here Garnier gives you the same Neem product which is well known in our country India. 

This article has been written for IndiBlogger contest in association with Garnier Pure Active Neem.

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