Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Funny Baby with Mom, wearing Pampers

The world is growing and moving such a fast way that no one knows where it is going to crash or an end, what will be the outcome in the future considering the current generation and scenario specially for kids or naughty kids. Yes, everything differs compare to earlier generations and nature of the kids growth. Those days kids were entirely different with their silent activeness with cool characters whereas reality is different nowadays compare to latest updates and model of kids, precisely the child who born after 1990's I suppose. Where there is a will, there is way, and it was saying before for many, now, on kids, where there is a mother, there is an advanced baby.

Those earlier days or previous generation kids used to be very far from any gadget and they will understand the gadget when they are about to begin teen ages, now the story is different, today's kids will use the touch screen gadget in a early stage very easily and play around like they already been to school and learned it from there. Whatever they play around those gadgets as an expert won't even understand by their parents on how to play / do it. They may ask suddenly any silly question (it is silly for parent but actually matured question in little age they ask) with their parents too.

A baby asked mother, you put me a pamper that I can understand a bit but why did you use Pamper?

Two kids (brother and sister) were talking each other since brother was honey / love of mother and sister was honey / love of father.

Brother: I am a beloved son of my mother only that I came from her stomach.
Sister: I am a beloved daughter of my father only that I cam from his stomach.

Here you go for another one, 
A kid who was three years old asking his mother, why the hell stomach is very big for you?
A baby is inside! Mother replied.
How come you swallowed a baby in whole? Kid asked mother.

The kid asks so many question which generally funny, reality, serious but hard to explain them at this stage which they may or may not understand it. However, it is not necessary to tell them in this early stage nor they are mistaken.

As there is saying, "becoming a mother makes you realize, you can do almost anything". Yes, you can do it!

Sometime handling issue arises for twin. On rare occasion, mother or baby care confused on twin by feeding twice for the same kid and forgot about the other one unless he/she cries to let them know about it and understand the elders on-time really.

Who can be very friendlier with the kids more than a mother? And, who can be better for a mother more than their honey kids? The kid can call only mother for every needs, whether it could be of hungry, pain, search and so on. So she gets the status of 'mother' and precious living being 'assets'.

This post is just written for Happy Hour contest from IndiBlogger in association with Pampers Bedtime Rituals.

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