Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to use Quikr Nxt App feature for better deal

Quikr is one of the leading online portal for buying and selling the new and used items by its member with very good deal. Quikr is one of the pioneer online website that helps many buyer and seller to connect directly and immediately to transact their individual deal for their desired product with their own budget, across globe. It has brought various features in the recent past which its member can enjoy the business alone by utilizing it in a right way. 

Quikr serve its member to publish free advertisement, post photo of the product, price and other detail etc. It also help member through SMS communication beside email updates, its has various combined features as free for valuable customers across globe.

Why shall I prefer Quikr chat over a phone call?

There could be many reason to use Quikr chat over a phone call since I may not be available in office or at home in front of the computer to go through it. This app may help me to search the product whatever, wherever and whenever I want it by using just my mobile device. In addition, one of the main reason to use Quikr app is that either buyers or sellers can immediately keep in touch with each other via its chat across Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. One can download this app freely and enjoy the almost many features filled in.

1. You can download Quikr Chat apps and execute it in either Smartphone or Desktop
2. Once it is active, you may then register or sign in through option given
3. Now, either search for the item that you are looking for within price, or,
4. Post the item that you are willing to sell with reasonable price
5. You may cross check the product date, size, make and price etc. comparatively with other members' who posted similar one.
6. Try to use the Quikr chat feature with whom you would like to connect immediately for the item for either buying or selling. 
7. You may share your product photos, address detail and addition info if any.
8. You can keep customer detail as safe and secure
9. You may find chat history whenever you need it back
10. You can keep your number and detail as Privacy. Less or No charge for using this app.

The more we go through this app, the more chances of getting the best deal or either buying or selling the items. This platform will help you to execute either just purchased item or used items to sell online without any hassle. The same thing will go for the one who wants to buy just bought items selling by others or used items selling by others to deal in a right manner. Quikr Nxt app will help you to  deal in a smooth manner wherever you are.

This article has been written for Quikr Nxt and IndiBlogger’s Happy Hour contest.

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