Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Bucket list for Befikar Umar Bhar

The best expenses what we do in our life is Saving, and the better than saving is to insure for something which we needed badly as a precious one including Life insurance, Health insurance and other life related insurance to get the return with the most benefits out of it which is beyond the saving.

Here you can find the list of five bucket list for Befikar Umar Bhar.

Life Protection: 
As you may be aware that life is filled up with risk and no one knows the upcoming health and wealth related problems to one's life thus we shall take the step such as 'Prevention is better than cure' or 'Make hay while sun shine' to be safe and secure with many benefits. What is the use if one loses or spend the hardly earned whole money unnecessarily for just enjoy right now which can affect in the future and its enjoyment. In addition, Life is full of uncertainties and we may forget to safeguard self and loved ones despite having such opportunity in our hand for any unforeseen event. So, think well about it and take the necessary step to 'make hay while sunshine'.

Preplan Saving for Life's different stage:
No human aware that what will happen in next few seconds, however, one can safely predict the first few days, weeks and years for living quality life without putting over risk. Yes, it is simple to do so, one has to self-analyze and preplan for self and whole dependents to do some sort of current and future returns by spending some money as investment at the moment. Anyhow, one has to make sure that where we really invest and what are the risk or no risk involved, can we trust such service or is it reliable that we can get sure returns out of our investment? If everything is fine, you may then preplan for investment to overcome from life risk if any. Regular saving for a long period will help for financial needs at life's different stages.

Grow with your money:
You have to grow with your money since you are the one who earn money and spend it. Thus, make sure that some proportion of earned money invested in a right place to to grow it which could help you at anytime where no one will come to assist you.

Travel around the world:
If you have enough money and feel that you have done various investment and getting its return on time, you may then enjoy some percentage out of it for you and your family members. There is no wrong in case if you would like to spend for happiness. One of the main reason what we live beside earning and investing is to protect from financial crisis and be happy in our life.

Teaching others for saving and returns:
The we live with full of self-secure way like by many, thus, you may advise them to invest earning money and be happy once it is matured and returned. It has to be informed that we however shall not take out whole money from some good scheme but try to invest in a different scheme for again for the sake of your near and dears.

This post has been written for IDBI Befikar Umar Bhar from IndiBlogger contest of Happy Hour.

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