Friday, March 6, 2015

Baby with Fun and Run

I have two kids, delivering them and brought them up has a big challenges with responsible to do beside my mom's help on their growth. However, thanks to God first who gave me the status of a mother. An expert mother said.


It is not an easy one to carry forward the responsibility of a mother after she conceived. The seriousness and fun begins here only. Baby may grow in womb and kick the mother at anytime as a part of fun and excitement which carry the status of mother since.

When we talk about baby's and their act before born, assume that they are going to come to this world as stranger and would like to enjoy good and bad over here. However, if one says the baby at that situation that you are going to see the new existing world. I hope, the baby have no sense to understand it. In case, if the baby understand it, still the baby won't believe on outside existing world with lots of joy and sorrow mixed. 

We can forget this one now and will go to their fun act once they reached the new world after the baby's kick in womb. The little one always think that it is his/her whatever he/she sees around. Baby is like King or Queen while in childhood and they won't take permission to touch the item or take the item nearby. Now, mother won't disturb baby unless there is any harm to little one. She will enjoy, she will let baby to enjoy and she will let others' to enjoy her baby's act unless any concern.

When mother try to put pamper then the baby will give hard time to mother initially, later it used to be. The naughty little one can give sort of disturbance to mother that is a part of baby's act or baby's day out. The little one always needed more comfort without any disturbance except mother's love, playing, roaming freely, feeding and let him/her relax for a while. When natural's call disturbs the baby then he/she will alarm mother to do some act. So, the source is made by various companies in the form of baby's pamper, soap, lotion, clothes, nipples and so on to let him/her enjoy without any disturbance.

However, a mother has to sacrifice almost two to three years from the time when she conceived till the baby grows for a year or two. Baby's growing at later stage can be handled or helped by others too beside mother's utmost care. However, mother's situation during  initial few months or years would be like she has to almost forget sleep, health, food and outside world etc. 

Those days gone where everything one has to depends for natural delivery and natural taken care of mother and baby. Time has changed many things. Nowadays, many companies have come up with the various products and items that can help mother and others. Though the mother has an instinct of sacrifices including her own pain and life while delivery, she has to go further to sacrifice for her kids care and growth, this keep mother very much alive with her status.Some big company's like Pampers help mother to keep their baby with comfort, hygenic and safe round the clock.

Hospital and Specialists used to help pregnant mother to relieve from delivery pain thus caesarean operation is well known among. For this process, many companies have invested and released various products related to health care services. As such, many companies have invested and brought various products and items for the baby as well to grow healthy and comfortably. As such, one of them is Pampers which helps baby and mother to enjoy the life and growth without any disturbance either at night time or day time.

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