Sunday, March 1, 2015

Encouragement from family member for Personal growth

Do you remember how you grown from childhood to date with your family members' support on each step? Do you remember those olden and golden days where no one can forgot it? Do you remember your mother's love who is everything in this strange world? What all the stuff that you remember from your childhood and what are the encouragement stuff from your family member that you remember them? Any idea? Would like to share with us? No time but I can only recall those days? If so, no issue. You may go through some of the oldies and goldies days that will enrich your positive and gift of life.

I was unaware the world when I born, I even doesn't know what would have happened to me when I was in mother's womb, who feeded me, how I grew from the day one, how grown my soul, flesh, bone, internal organ and overall body and released from there. I still get serious confusion on this and I am aware that other than parents there would be some natural power who helped me out as same as happened for others. Also, sometime others even don't get baby's though they wanted to become parents after legal customs.  

OK, let it go which sometime we can't imagine beyond our limits or beyond some natural process limit or beyond some super power (invisible) limits. However, my parent taken care afterward till I grew and I was beloved one to them and they taken care not only for my health but future too. Yes, they started to plan to invest some money for me in some sort of investment, however, they were confused where to invest rightly to get its fruitful return when I grew up to use it effectively for my education and marriage and so on. Thus, they selected HDFC Life scheme for me which my parent told me about it after I grown enough. Thanks to my parents who have helped with and without my knowledge and encouraged me directly and indirectly to grow in every situation, so they were / are happy with my life finally. 

There were many situations in my life that I followed as such except few times where I invited trouble for myself which I realized once got the hit. Now, coming back to what my parents have taught me to do something is, do the same for my kid as same as what they did for me plus discipline to lead a better life wherever we are and whatever we do. Beside thinking about the future of self and dependent, discipline in life teaches or taught us too to be more careful in the overall atmosphere considering the past incident, present life and forthcoming scenarios. 

The more you learn from parents, the more you will become wise in a shortest duration. The more you ignore from parents, the more you will become foolish with bad result and suffering in the future. How to learn something good from parents or wise people? I can just say keep in touch with your parents forever and ask query whatever you have in your mind to let them explain and get reply. 

It is not necessary that every time and for everything you shall consider parents or wise people’s advice or learn from their incident. However, one shall need to establish herself / himself in a condition with willpower that he/she can manage the situation with calm or with silent. 

The more you calm or silent, the more chances of success in your life except to speak or express your right feelings on right time in a diligent manner. The next one is, learn from your mistake beside ignoring parents or elder’s advice or taking action for some where you didn’t get an advice or learned something from parents on such scenario. 

There could be many scenario in your life to learn from parents or elders or learned through own mistakes and so on. When I was very young or childhood, my mother was everything for me in my life. I didn’t easily leave her and without her for me is like a blind person in the strange location. 

The feeling is like no one is better or the best than my parents, it is including my uncles, aunts, brother, sisters or whoever taken care in between. When the age passes and slowly grows for the next step, my parents used to tell me to go outside and sit for a while to watch some life operational activities on the street to get some kind or courage. I used to sit for a while with some different entertainment of other kids play or run or talk or other elder movement etc. 

This is what I learned from my parents when I was a kid, young, and then observe the life ahead. The door open afterward and moved slowly and gradually till I get self-satisfaction on leisure activity and entertainment and so on.

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