Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happiness forever

The world is searching for happiness and peaceful life ahead. Who knows when one will get happiness or sadness in any instant? The life is full of unpredictable one and no one knows exact about the upcoming good and bad things for each and everyone until it is already happened or come.

In general, most of them will be happy when they get what they want, that too the happiness will be on a temporary basis and the next instant itself his/her mind and heart would says to seek something for the next one for future happiness. The life with fun filled in some occasion only can’t give happiness but every second one has to be happy only if he or she satisfied on his / her present status.
I enjoy every moment with happiness just because of whatever I have in my hand is of worth and satisfied, whether other might think that it is not sufficient for me and I am not happy in this - that is their thoughts. Their view is different than mine however. They might not be happy on their situation and mine too. That is negligible.

There are so many cases for happiness and unhappiness in one’s life based on individual choice and status. The question is, how I can be of happy in my status rather than others view on me. This is one of many that make me happy. I can't think the same for others whether they are happy or not because they know their situation than me. I may assume that they might be happy whereas they won't and it can can happen vice-versa too. The one who have enough wealth and source of revenue may not be happy though their target is to be happy and nothing else but unfortunately it could happen different for some reason.

How one can be happy ever? This is something different question in this strange world, how to be happy and when will be happy? There are lot of question arises on happiness topic. Sometime poor people will be happier than rich and sometime rich people will be happier than poor. On the other hand, sometime poor people will be unhappy than rich and sometime rich people will be unhappy than poor. Thus there is no link in economy for happiness. It is just our own heart and mind to be satisfied for what we have in our hand to be happy. In other way, happiness never automatically comes to us except rare case but most of the time we have to create the situation of happiness; otherwise you will get disappointment on cheerfulness.

I will be happy whenever I able to meet my old friends in this forgetful life. Why so? It is nothing but that I can recall my olden days where we had no concern for whatever we wanted at that time where our parents assisted on our source. I was unaware of them till the moment I came to know how one has to get whatever we wanted without parents assistance, it is a kind of knowledge increasing for the reality with seen or without seen of them. The story for many is going like that. Everyday learning a new subject in my life gives us plenty of knowledge and happiness on reality. However, if your mind and heart is happy in learning something out of life then you are succeeded in happiness.

In general, people thinking that money or wealth only can make happiness whereas it is not in real since many wealthy or rich people searching for happiness and peaceful life. They won’t get that much happy even if the do business with double the profit out of the process. I will be very much happy when I meet well known relatives after a long gap and able to get time to speak with him/her to recall the past life's memory and inquire about present life. In most of the cases, temporary happiness can be seen such as happy and cheerful on their birth day, some of them happy on fulfilling their aim, some of them happy with their economy improvement and some of them happy on whatever they got based on their previous choice.

However, one has to really learn on how one can be happy in their life without much effort. The happiness starts from inner one such as satisfying on present condition or status with heart and mind. The happiness taste differs in different age. It is normal that children happiness and taste is different than elder happiness and vice-versa. However, one has to practice on satisfying their heart and mind to joy with their present condition for ever joy or happiness which can bring peacefulness. Wish we get them all toward happiness life.

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