Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hope for luck beside work

Building or owning a home in this erratic world is a far dream for many including for middle class families and sometime for rich people too. There could be many circumstances or different reasons that one has to avoid to buy home. It happens sometime that one might have enough fund but no plan to buy home or unable to get the opportunity to get the home nearby desired location with their own budget.

The one who buy home or flat or plot etc. right this moment is like too much effort and planning behind done or someone would have assisted them from their past life contribution. There could be much reason and one must have done heavy work and smart work in the past to save money or land for the future kids or generation. The one who build home or buying flat right this moment would be the one who have achieved their target right now from the past planning and contribution.

A family was going well and running happily with their two kids in a rent home. By the time kids grown for around five years, wife told her husband to leave the current job due to ‘no saving’ from his salary and try to get a good job which can help them for a current and future saving, or look for a job in abroad to earn and save money for the future of the kids and owning a home. The advice was perfect and agreed, husband tried for other jobs after completing few years in current employer. He got a suitable job in local only with reasonable savings. 

They were happy on this for around two years then later on the client project got over. The recession came in wrong time and had to leave the job or get the job in the same company with poor or low salary which he forcibly put back to previous employer’s status.

The saddening part is started to them, he once again tried job in local to get better perks but unable to find since many are looking for similar job profile on the same recession time. He frustrated with the situation, was patience and gone few weeks without any job neither in hand nor revenue. The poor fellow found no windows of opportunity to earn and take care of their families than borrowing money and keep searching a good opportunity.

He again agreed with his wife to try for a job in abroad, but their also a long queue. However, he was suitable for another foreign client’s project thus recruited for overseas assignment. A little bit relax to their family on getting some opportunity. He got visa / ticket to reach on said dated to fly. His family felt pain to leave him and he too realized his pain more than opportunity. Each other sacrificed their feelings, pain and all happiness for their kids and future. The family got a first overseas call from beloved husband/father to the family members. They were happy to hear that he is fine in overseas with suitable job and other facilities given; he promised that he will send his first salary very soon to run their life back to normal.

The months and years gone, he saved more than fifty percent of his salary for the children and wife besides planning to buy dream home and secure future. He arrived to his country after two years completion where his family waiting to receive him at the Airport as optimism. The same life gone for few years and his family were able to visit abroad when some opportunity or holiday comes. After spending of seven years and above, he finally bought a home for his family to live and reside in their own. There were many sacrifices behind this success with many optimism filled in.

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