Friday, March 20, 2015

How to check and get the best Smartphone

I was zero on operating basic model mobile phone except learned how to receive or attend the calls by pressing green color button and how to disconnect calls by pressing red color button. This is what I learned on so called mobile phone device after dial up phone usage for a long period. I was even unaware how to check and read the incoming message, how to delete the message that already stored in Inbox and how to call customer care in case if I have any doubt to do so. It is very far for me to dialing calls even to my relatives or closed friends but only one thing great in me is that I can able just to attend the calls or disconnect the calls. Super days were gone without much effort. I used to get some bad feedback from my near and dear on this. I used to learn that today’s kids are far better in using Smartphone or Laptop or Browsing or gaming etc.

Hmmm, what shall I do? Is it important to learn on how to handle the mobile phone or Smartphone or gaming etc.? This question was in my mind whenever someone criticizes me for this topic. However, I took their feedback casually and ignored their comment for whatsoever reason. Anyhow, one fine day, I thought why shouldn’t I learn or play with this latest device called Smartphone or at least learn something out of it? I got an opportunity to use Smartphone since everyone is using Double SIM card Smartphone at home, my family member is ready to buy and give me Smartphone too except expecting my objection for it.

To buy this, I have to at least start to learn from zero. I mean, I shall be able to at least understand the basic model mobile phone’s operating system including keyboard and Menu management etc. In this regard, I took assistant from my relatives and kids. I was able to hardly understand it in the beginning and just failed in every single attempt to make calls, go to menu, checking SMS, adjusting volume, using contact list, checking call history and so on. This task let me realized that I am going to get certificate on how to operate mobile phones and the next certificate course might be how to operate Smartphone. After some effort and guidance, I was able to operate the basic model mobile phones easily. Now, this home training helped me to gain confidence and encouragement in order to move ahead. Yes, I was thorough on operating mobile phones and was looking for some cool Smartphone which I can enjoy alone by learning something from it with the help of kids guidance.

I was searching for a new Smartphone for me though I was operating my dear one’s and kids Smartphone time to time. I realized something different in both the devices; however, I came to know later on that both the Smartphone’s has different Operating System viz. Android and Windows. Now, I realized that I am learning and becoming expert to get certificate on how to handle different OS for Smartphone. Anyhow, after long search, debate, cost, attraction, style and easiest OS etc. I finally decided to buy new Moto E Smartphone just because of cheap and the best compare to other similar specification, brand, model, price and design of the device. This is my first Smartphone to own and enjoy. This is what I #ChooseToStart as partner, handy, experiment, learn and enjoy. I will get its learning certificate too.  My family members' too surprised on this. Yes.

What I would #ChooseToStart with new Moto E?

After buying it from Flipkart and its door delivery within 24 hours that let me fun forever. This device helped me to learn on Camera and Video camera shoot and save in external memory. This device is so simple and attractive, I can say butter smooth touch screen, quality device, increased battery capacity that really helps for an extra hour talks (which is very important for me), hand grip is fantastic, Android lollipop OS just awesome, twist the phone to use camera (though little con is there), Gorilla screen’s outstanding performance, very nice user experience overall I can say, and very cute with just one touch and go for Android OS feature and games beside its stylish look. Now, super duper days going on. You can try it too. Here you go for more detail on this device.

Moto E Specification and Price:
Name: Moto E (2nd Gen)
Model ID: XT1506
Processor: 1.2 GHz, Quad Core
OS: Android Lollipop (V5)
Memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM
Primary Camera: 5MP
Secondary Camera: 0.3MP
Display: 4.5 Inches
SIM: Dual Sim, GSM + UMTS
Dimension: 66.8 x 129.9 x 12.3 mm
Battery: 2390 mAh
3G: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
WiFi: Yes  Video Player: Yes
New Moto E price: Rs. 6999 (from Flipkart)

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