Monday, March 23, 2015

My family and Kellogg’s

My children are fond of two things, one is Noodle varieties and the other one is Kellogg's. I used to prepare Kellogg’s in the early morning for my kids who used to have it quickly and goes to school on time. The best part of the Kellogg’s is that one can prepare breakfast or snacks within few minutes in the rush hour and the other one is it has enough healthy stuff which even other bulky food won’t reach to it.

Health is wealth, Kellogg’s help not only for me on preparation, serve and health but it helps my children too. This is just because of it has enough protein, mineral, carbohydrates and fiber etc. which is very important to keep children’s health fit and well energized.

Kellogg’s product also helps for activeness and avoids laziness on schooling or home work etc. It can enrich stamina which is a major advantage on this. Fiber helps to clear all the stomach issues for kids and elder which is major point to be noted which Kellogg’s has too. Some people may think what is so special on Kellogg’s? I can say for them to try and experiment on different recipe, taste and health to know the result in practical than talking about it without any test and taste. One can easily make different types of breakfast, sweets and hot items without oily and over spicy etc. from Kelloggs.

If you are interested on Kellogg’s and would like to know more about it then you can try it at or try to reach Gupta Ji's house for nashta to know more on this. However, you may try both as per your choice and as per recipe given. Kellogg’s is flexible to make any sort of dishes but its recipe is given for just beginners.

I used to make Kellogg’s different nashta dishes upon visitors visits at my home. I used to serve them with the different sorts of Kellogg’s sweet and hot items. However, one shall not use over junk items on it which can spoil the food and health. Anyhow, I have attached herewith an image of Kellog’s recipe and you can try it to know and taste.

You may even try as per your convenient and taste but make sure that natural fruits item like Banana, Apple, Orange, Guava, Grapes and Strawberry to be added for high class tastes within small budget. If you would like to add items like Cashew, Nuts, Dates or any Dry fruits then go ahead for it and you will get different recipe from it. You may also add corn flour, custard items and other creamy items to add the taste and unique flavor for varieties of dishes at your home.

Now, my children is becoming expert on preparing different sort of Kellogg’s nashta and dishes and fill their tummy and go for playing around. I have no that much concern on their extra expenses on buying local chocolate or pocket items from local shops and create health issues. My children too becoming clever on their health. So, what about you and your kids? You can try like me, just as My family and Kellogg’s. 

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