Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Started a new Life by Penning down

Homemaker needs some help and guidance to use their free time effectively beside their usual domestic works. What shall homemaker do to self improve, learn and earn revenue on leisure time to enrich family’s life along with supporting Housing expenses? If not interested to go for the job or something uninteresting task to do either, do it what you can or interest with it. 

Thus, my family member suggested me and got an advice that ‘I have to write’ or ‘I have to type’ any topic which I can recall or follow the interest I have. Initially, it was looking like writing is a ‘tough’ one for me; however, there is no issue in case if I try it or goes with the interested work that I can. So, I just took a paper and pen, thought something to write which interested me and then penned down slowly with few words.

My family member told me to write just ten to hundred words maximum daily to get practice and not necessary to self pressure on this project. Thus, I used to pen down for few words by recalling some past incident or my existing thoughts differently. This work helped me a lot to go for a big including part time blogging profession, got self-confidence and interested to know other professional writers work online. 

Since writing and sharing something for someone’s benefit is far better than doing nothing. So, it’s become habit for me to write at least two hundreds to four hundreds words per day with any topic that comes from my mind. If I don’t write anything in any day that makes me uneasiness for few minutes and feels like I wasted my time with laziness. This work helps me to active, refresh mind and go ahead to achieve something. Also, I came to know copyright issue too to be more careful on my job.


Though I am not regularly posting for my blog but I am still writing for either my blog or help others to get some knowledge out of it. In this way, I got few opportunities to write down for others and even asked for review of some of their products. Some of the expert writers contacted me and asked me to keep in touch with email for suggestion or idea if any arise for their project. This is the success that I got when I took bold step to start a new life.

Tips for writing or blogging:
    1)  Try to write something you are interested in (even in paper, no issue)
    2)  You can slowly write at least fifty to two hundred words per day to improve further
    3)  Browse the interested topic article which you would like to know and learn more
    4)  Learn ‘how to write’ an article from others
    5)  Learn ‘how to proofread’ an article like professional one
    6)  Learn ‘how to present’ an article with rich content

The above tips might help you to become one of the top writer or blogger in the future. Slow steady and win the race is the old saying which can help you in success. No one become professional writer in a day or night. So, write and wait for your turn to start a new life.
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