Saturday, March 14, 2015

The days that I won't forget ever

In general, most of them won’t forget their birth day, schools day, college day, marriage day and other sad but reality of death day etc. It is natural that one has to go through some of these life cycles whether they are rich or poor personalities, whether they are young or old people and whether they agree it or not. No one can stop these days and have no power to do so. This is the power of nature on those unforgettable days for everyone.

I am also unable to forget my birth day which my parents used to remind me since I was unaware or childhood. I realized it later what is Birth day and what is the meaning of birth day? Why one need to celebrate or not etc? The birth day is blessed by everyone whether they celebrate it or not and whether they are with their families or not. As such, some of them we get to know about others too where we feel happy to join and celebrate with them to make them happy and remember for a lifelong.

The next one is school or college days; here school days come first though the best one could be of college days comparatively. Most of the kids would like to stay at home and wouldn’t wish to go to the other responsible world like School leaving home and parents. It is hard for almost every kid to leave their mom and enter in schools with new atmosphere. This could be for few hours per day but for a long duration as though kid understand it well in advance. A kid will cry first few days when he/she leave his/her mom and her love for few hours and stick with new place.

The other one is college days. There could be many ups and downs in one’s life from childhood days till they reach college days. However, the opposite thing can happen when one about to go to college on first day compare to school days for kid. Yes, this time, no mom or father support required for going to college on first day and no one required reaching over there. Instead, student will be happier to reach college on first day except some fear of ragging in the college by the senior students’ in selected few colleges.

First day of business or job responsible comes naturally once a person finished enough education or as per his/her life circumstances to go for job or business profession.

Marriage day is coming after a bit additional responsible by shouldering either profession or business. Yes, one has to go through various scenarios from childhood days to school days and then college days. After finishing the college days with graduation, one has to carry his or her profession soon in the form of business or job for few years before getting married and settle down. This is the most case except few who used to marriage under various circumstances without even school or college education too. In this, the one who marriage may not forget first day with couple whether it might have fun or not.

I don’t like to mention over here about sad days which naturally comes for everyone and would like to remind about housing experience of all #together.

You can try to learn what for a better living and future is.

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