Thursday, May 7, 2015

It is all guesses about Ek Nayi League

This is something strange when someone says to guess out like beat around the bush, yes, no idea but just hint is given. Now, we can find the reality from the hint itself. How about a hint that is either from text or video? OK, we can still manage to get it. The other one is, what if the text says ‘you won’t win if you play by heart’ but?

What shall we do if there is an example of winners / celebrities who played their innings by their heart but the question is against it? Hmm, it means, we have to play the upcoming Ek Nayi League not only with our heart but use power and mind to get success. Is it sports related one or a different one – this is what we get first doubt on this topic called Ek Nayi League.

Though Kapil Dev is famous personality for Sports specially Cricket thus one can predict that this topic might be either related to sports or entertainment or sports related business and so on. Yes. I guess that this program may be for TV shows which can enrich the audience to know more detail about each Sports event to get knowledge which can be sponsored by various organization.

On the other hand, I am afraid that this program may be stopped by other higher authority to start a similar one after few months or year as same as from ICL to IPL which sad news happened to then NCL chairperson Kapil Dev. However, I hope it won’t happen as such for this program. Let’s analyze his video clips and text to predict the real one.

When we check the ENL (Ek Nayi League) videos, Kapil is all set to say about Kapil Sharma who is TV show comedian who invite many celebrities on his program to add more spicy and fun on the go. Kapil Dev calls Kapil Sharma as Chittu (may be small or junior) and it looks awkward if he pronounce him with same name as he. Kapil Dev speaks about Chittu and states that KS is an outstanding comedian who suddenly does Googly to his invitee or celebrity, which is talent too.

Kapil Dev is also talking in one of the video clips about MS Dhoni who is Indian Skipper for Cricket team, KD stated that he is not willing the news around going on about Dhoni's retirement and he gaves example too about his own story with film star Dev Anand that Kapil Dev is willing to retire from his sports career. Dev Anand then replied Kapil - not to do so, Star never get retirement. Never. Don't think about it.

The next video clip is all about Sania Mirza, Kapil Dev appreciate her and he further states that he fought with few about her performance in Tennis career. Sania Mirza who is on Top 20 in the World Tennis sports that also pleased KD on her name being on top 20 out of 300 sports women in India for Tennis sports field. This is of course proud matter which he too proud on this.

There is one more video which is about Sports personality and their travel around. In addition to this, overall operational costs and spending money for it. The same video continued with Yuvraj Singh’s achievement post health (cancer) issue and winning 16 crores bidding contract for his IPL performance that let others look back at him to know the potential and his show on the ground. Also, one can weigh his performance in IPL or T20 or ODI. Yuvi plays through his heart. Do you?

What is #EkNayiLeague which Kapil Dev states that if you play with your heart will fail but you have to think out of the box to win. What it could be? Sports? Quiz? Trade? Investment? TV shows? Other entertainment? idea, then wait and watch his Tweeter or website of ENL.

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