Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Airtel App with Shake features

There are so many changes in Tele-communication field for the past few decades. It is sometime unable to believe on such vast changes that too within few years. Once upon a time, it is hard to see normal or old land phone type itself. Later, we got to go with normal land phones that used to get it at home after several years of applied. It was improved on delivering the land phone after few months of booking.

The days with Telecom process gone as such for many years without any changes in the delivery date and its features updates. Afterward, Telecom introduced various Telecom tariff for business and resident, different charges in different timing, STD/ISD/PCO increased, Caller ID introduced, Outgoing rate a bit reduced, ITC card introduced, there were offers in selected shops to provide ‘Car’ as lottery for luckiest callers/customers and so on.

There were some changes on this routine practice when pager message services introduced by few well companies like Motorola and Ericson. The pager service was not affordable and attractive for communication though it was a pride matter to have one at least by paying extra amount. The sooner, the mobile device came to the services which enabled to attend the calls while walking or on the go. It is unlike cordless phone but this device can carry anywhere without fixed land line. Initially, mobile phone was tough to buy and use due to heavy price for both (device and calls tariff) – sometime rich persons too hesitate to grab one. Thus, it was going away until and unless few well known companies introduced low cost mobile phone beside other Tele-com companies in the nation introduced its tie up for allotting SIM and Telecom service at lower rate.

In and around year 2000, few companies launched their mobile SIM service to get the customer in the form of pre-paid and post paid SIM for end users. It was the best time to pick up after few years hurdle on Mobile phone usage. Airtel was one of them who launched its Telecom services to the nation and got so many customers around within few months. The service was/is superb since the beginning; they brought various changes and benefits to the customer that helped them to retain their business even at the toughest situation in between for few months. Airtel brought services like voice, data, dish TV and so on. Now, Airtel has first brought 4G service in India which other competitors too followed it. Airtel recently introduced Airtel Apps to get whatever you want it in just ‘one touch’ to do. You can download Airtel app either from its official website or Google Play store directly and Sign up to get the various offers and benefits out of it.

3 Key features of Airtel App

I have recently downloaded Airtel app and it gives me immense pleasure after using them. After sign up, I got few messages and followed accordingly to get different offers, so, you can get it too. It has another feature called ‘Shake Your Phone to get exclusive offers’ that helps to get suitable offers to go with. You may get ‘First recharge with discount’ offer or ‘Promo code’ to get other offers. Not only this much but Airtel Apps help you to manage Prepaid, Postpaid, Pay Bills, Track service request, Track account usage, Broadband and DTH services etc. just ‘one touch’ on your Smartphone. Don't wait for this, you can do it.
You can also see MyAirtel service to know more detail.

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