Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My First Expert in this world

Who can be My First Expert in this new world other than my Mother who carried me around nine months before born and still living with her blessing and care after born? After I born, she fed me when I was not capable to self-feed, she understood my cry and pain even when I was unable to express in normal words what I speaks now, she dressed me when even I was unaware how to wear clothes and she embraced me a lot when I was unable to embrace her.

My mother was the only person whom I can share my personal feelings, ask for any requirements and seek for solutions to any problem raised. She was / is the only person till now for multi-taskers to manage and expertise. 

Whenever I felt fever or any health issue then she is the one who understand it immediately than me to solve and prescribe it. She used to teach me the discipline at home and outside atmosphere. There are few bad luck people who don’t get chances of mother care in the beginning of the life stage due to various reasons but we are the luckiest people to get live mother to take care us since beginning.

I can recall that when I was young enough to remember life progress, I once suffered from prolonged fever which hard to recover despite my family Doctor’s prescription. It was looking like I am unable to recover from bed soon but looks like continue to be on bed with weakness and hard to eat normal food. It was neither Typhoid nor Jaundice or Malaria related fever. The common fever let me to suffer for a long duration and made me weak but my mother never gave up to solve my health issue by encouraging me to enjoy dieting food, boiled water, follow medicine, talks with others for few minutes, walks for few minutes and stand outside the home for a while to get fresh air for few minutes with care to recover from all saddest fever. I was doing the same and she was supervising everything which encouraged me to recover slowly from this health issue. My Mother was / is the protector for me when something scared me in my life.

Whenever I get head pain or stomach ache in this young age, I will immediately loose the confident on this and to run for normal life but I remember my mother first to know what she advised me to do on such situation. I will follow whatever she said and the health issue will be solved and back to normal life. I can’t only remember my beloved mother on Mother’s Day but everyday who is My First Expert again. However, I will become #MyFirstExpert too soon for my kids in the same way what I learned from my Mom.

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