Monday, June 29, 2015

How to satisfy all? Can we?

In general, we can’t satisfy all in our routine performances. See below.

Long ago, there were usages of Donkeys for travel or luggage carrying purpose. Everybody knows about it at that time and it was considered as low budget transport or free transport for its owner as Domestic animal. Those days are different than current development for transport. 

However, the main purpose to bring this innocent animal is to suit that story for which we can’t satisfy all in whatever circumstances even if we try the best to catch all.

A Donkey and two riders (old man and young man) on it and were going on. Onlooker said, a donkey going and two on top of it. They got angry and an old man only got down walking with donkey then young one was on the donkey and riding it. 

Observer said, donkeys are walking and one sitting on it. Young one also got angry and got it down. After a while, observer said, donkey is there and overall three walking. Again they got angry. Finally they took donkey on the top of these two and going, and comment also increased further. Hmmm.

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