Friday, June 12, 2015

Simple Skin care tips for glowing

There are many Herbal methods and Allopathy methods for skin care, in one of these processes, some of them suits for some and doesn’t suit for others or make it allergy or reaction while apply. Skin care is generally important for all and no bias on gender on this topic. However, everyone afraid of Skin issue if any even if it is a minor or major skin issue. One of the best skin cares are to take care self on living under hygienic atmosphere, refreshing and protecting first than curing it later. Before going for natural and simple skin care tips, one has to know how to protect skin issue before it occurs or how to avoid skin issues naturally.

How to protect skin issue

As there is saying, prevention is better than cure. Thus, one has to identify self on allergy items intake, for example, a person may face issue or skin allergy on having egg or egg related food stuff but not for the rest of the person who consumes egg thus one has to individually analyze the issue of allergy items intake to avoid any health or including skin issue. Most of the allergy or skin arises due to some food item not suitable for concern person. 

Other than this, one has to live in hygienic atmosphere and they may face temporary skin or allergy issue when they changed to a new unhygienic atmosphere until and unless they become used to it on that place as settle down. Skin allergy normally comes due to various reason, one is changing location, changing water, changing food habit, changing routine refreshes practice, often travel, different food and drinks than usual one etc. So, it is important to first protect the skin issue by concentrating on regular life practices and move toward the same even if the time demands for some different atmosphere or food intake etc.

There are normally two types of skin issue or allergy, one is temporary basis and the other one is permanent issue on skin. The temporary skin issue can be dealt by self by identifying the root cause and the permanent skin issue can be diagnosed by Skin specialist and solve the issue from prescription. The Skin treatment may not solve the skin issue since the treatment may not match the actual human’s skin issue. So, one has to change the treatment of Skin from one to other. For example, if you have skin issue and not solving it for a long from Allopathy medicine then you have to try it for Ayurvedic and it may help to cure skin issue since they contain just natural or herbal medicine which suits human body though it takes a bit extra time. You may try VICCO Turmeric Cream too for clearing skin issue, check it.

Tips for Skin care and glow

I would suggest the following tips for Skin care.
1.       Drink plenty of waters
2.       Try to intake almost all vegetable foods
3.       Try to have fruit salad and vegetable salad items
4.       Try to have fresh fruit juice drinks often
5.       Try to have some almond, dates and other dry fruits items
6.       You may use Non-veg or meat items that suits your body
7.       Don’t ever keep stomach empty for a long hour except its regular practiced one or sleeping hour
8.       Fill in water in your empty stomach rather than just keeping empty stomach
9.       Do not completely ignore salt and lighter sweet items
10.   Do not use the seafood items that doesn’t suits you

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