Friday, July 17, 2015

Khuljyaye Bachpan - Khulja sim sim, sweet laddoo

It looks like we have passed few decades and sometime looks like we have passed few generations with so many changes around though our age is less than forty years old. However, time to time generation changes, their growth and development confused us on few things, one of them is surprising question what they asked these new generations or kids. The second one is their activeness and cleverness that surprised us. 

We can just assume that today's kid could be of more related to human / parent jeans or it could be of more related to trend and lifestyle itself. However, it is not the case but overall effectiveness of the kids growth and atmosphere that bend them to inquire various questions, and / or surprising answers they gave for.

Long back, when mother wanted to give a tablet / medicine powder to kids then one has to struggle a lot or need few more adults to control kids to have it in a smooth manner. At the same time, when they grew for five to ten years old then mother used to supervise children by giving medicine till kids take and consume them completely. Still few kids used to play with mother on avoiding medicine though they suffer from ill-health. Mother however won't leave them and it is just to ensure that kids consume medicine and become healthy soon without struggling further.

Sometime, few tricky mother used to inject the tablet inside the sweets to consume it by kids, as we heard fun long back. A kid was given Laddoo (sweet) keeping one medicine tablet inside it by the mother due to kids adamant on not having medicine whereas kids came from School and instructed to have Laddoo after meals. After an hour, mother asked kids whether he consumed the meals then sweet (Laddoo) followed? This kid's replied with cool saying that he had Laddoo nicely but its seed was thrown away. Mother, of course shocked and surprised on this act. It is a kind of Khushi Ke Pal though the purpose is not met yet.

Those days kids gone likewise but today's generation is entirely different and they helped parents to have proper medicine first or they let good parents to become patient and let have medicine. There are so many incident of kids happening around like this one and you may refer related story and detail at MyChocos page to enjoy it as well. Anyhow, parent can't tell stories at night to let children sleep (as used to do few decades ago) but today's gadget helps them to do so.

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