Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Dear Honey Diet

Some people used to give a bit of honey to a new born baby when a child is just born and this is just like sweet given to him / her for good news on coming to this new world. The child will enjoy it though kid doesn't know all about Honey except sweet taste to enjoy. Some says, Honey is good for those child who are unable to speak normally and the Honey can help them out. Anyhow, when the same child grows and come to know that his / her mom has kept Honey bottle somewhere around then he / she will try to find it out at any cost to enjoy a bit. These kids would not only enjoy honey alone but try to mix it with some Bread or Roti to loot more and enjoy more.

Now, the question is how to get an original honey since some of them are selling honey (saying as original) like a soft drinks in local. In such, it is better to go with branded one like Dabur Honey which is well known one and reliable to go with. Honey generally helps to reduce the weight in case if someone uses Honey with mixed warm water and have it in the early morning for few weeks to get better result. It burns the body fat and replace the sugar.

What is Honey diet?

As per expert, honey diet help to burn a lot more fats and improve stamina. Honey helps liver to produce natural glucose which in turn keeps brain sugar levels high and acts to release fat burning hormones. Honey diet will help to all sort of people whether they are Sports personalities, Athletes, Diabetes, Home maker, Businessman and children etc.

If you are interested to get some benefit out of Honey Diet then follow the tips given herewith. Try to replace daily intake of sugar with your honey diet, throughout the day including for Tea, Coffee and Breakfast etc. It will be helpful for your health in case if you consume
Honey Diet with two to three spoonfuls mixed with hot water before bed. This practice has to be done for few weeks to find out the major changes in your health. Why people struggle to lose weight? It is just because of consuming or in the past consumed too much sugar and processed food. When you consume Honey Diet from Dabur that could help you to burn more fat from the body during night time and feel changes of the health beside sugar replacing honey.

I would suggest you to use honey in your coffee, fruit salad and sweet items instead of refined sugar. Try to check your cooking list for which you are using sugar to replace Honey Diet or try to put 'red signal' on sugar bottle for not to use it further for you and your family's health concern. You may also check for more detail on this subject.