Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to watch TV serial smartly

Read this article to know how to watch TV serial smartly or how to manage to watch desired TV serial as per our convenient in case if you are facing domestic problems on sharing Television. As others, I am also facing some problem in sharing Television or even one of the favorite TV channels due to few old woman and man are at home and they don’t let me watch Television or even they let me watch TV then that time there is no any favorite program of mine. Most of the time due to TV itself engaged almost important time or round the clock thus I am unable to get my turn.

I was just expecting something to come out from this issue and would like to watch my favorite TV serial or channel as I wish at my convenient. What to do? There was no option to do nor I can break the domestic law of elders to watch TV serial as I like by grabbing remote from them though I have its rights and it is my contribution as well.

My age group or the person who are in the same situation used to discuss whenever we get an opportunity on this topic to come out from this issue and would like to enjoy the TV program as we like. No idea except one more TV to keep at our personal room and watch it, the then the problem is time schedule to watch it since we need to help elders on that particular time for food serving or other silly serving.

Though I have Smartphone with net connectivity, used to downloaded few video clips and watch downloaded few snaps or TV serial is not satisfied as long as it doesn’t give real time updates or continues serial feeling and suspense etc. In addition to this, its charges is high and downloading is waste of time in addition to missing all the sentiments.

While we were in this situation, one fine day, I got a call from my friend who shared the knowledge about Tata Sky Transfer which can help us to come out from this problem and watch real time show daily without missing any of them as long as this gadget at home and connected to our Smartphone via internal WiFi. For me everything is there except upgrading of Tata Sky Transfer set top box. I suggested my family member and got it done for this facility. Now, I am telling you - how to watch TV serial smartly? Here you can see the tips for using Transfer feature from Tata Sky.

How to use Tata Sky Transfer gadget smartly? Buy it and enjoy it.

1.       Tata Sky Transfer  has a new Set top box
2.       TST contains a WiFi enabled set top box and a digital video recorder
3.       TST lets you record the content and then strem it to your Smartphone
4.        WiFi connectivity to use this facility is a must
5.       Tata Sky Mobile App on clicking ‘Transfer’ tab also helps for accessing it.
6.       Your recorded content from the STB will be streamed to your Smartphone
7.       Now, you can watch them back without any net connectivity in your own convenient

As of now, Tata Sky Transfer STB comes with Rs 9300/= AND the existing user can upgrae by paying Rs 7890/= approx. So, you can start to enjoy the TV program from Smartphone by using Tata Sky Transfer, enjoy as you like and as per your time schedule.

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