Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How nature can help us for Real Togetherness

I was really busy with lot of tasks which supposed to do and finish within limited time. Many projects, many documentation, many emails, often travels and so on. I was feeling happy when Friday evening used to come just because of not weekend only and it is also because of two days escape from the various tasks and concentrating on personal life or self health care etc. beside spending time with my family members and friends. This is the one I got after smart planning the busiest schedule to give time for my beloved one and all.

How to give times to all? How to schedule one or other week? How to be happy with real togetherness and so on? What is vacation? It means a lot to us who have no enough time from corporate or busiest business world. Since we used to work continuously as such for five to six days, then such huge tasks become habit too and without those routine work I may get bored too sometime specially during strike in the state or country or sick or any other reason than weekend or holidays.

So, when shall I need to get vacation or holiday specially for the beloved ones to enjoy with them by forgetting the busiest task which we are doing? How to proceed with the enjoyment and what are the things we need to do for it? This keeps on beeping in my mind when I am in office or travel on any projects or task. However, sometime the idea which we get naturally would help to have fun with beloved ones or within friend’s circle to go and enjoy.

How to become togetherness of family members or relatives or friends who are far from us but our hearts beat for them to meet or vice-versa. Since we have smartphone or email, we can communicate with them whether they are near or far from the world. That doesn’t matter, now how to plan to meet them? Every time enjoying the holidays with the friends and family members is a normal one then how about relatives togetherness?

Yes, for this, I used to make a schedule to visit to them or inviting them to visit my home to roam somewhere in holidays. This is the best one we can do for togetherness. Happy life is more than money, money is important but all rich man are not happy in their life but happy people doesn’t required to be a rich man to have fun and happy.

So, considering this, I used to plan for my holidays or weekends to enjoy with them for togetherness. Why, other than family members, beloved ones, friends, the important for happy and togetherness is far relatives too na? How about you? Would you like to be happy and sharing fun with all? Then follow the procedure given herewith for togetherness.

The more you plan for happiness and togetherness with whomever you know, the more chances of fun, new experiences and happy in your life which can be considered as memoir too. Be ready and take the steps per your work or business schedule for Real Togetherness like Kissanpur.

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