Wednesday, October 7, 2015

RiteBite Max protein bars in 3 varieties

My kid was playing outside the home with other kids as usual and when he came to home then I observed that he was carrying a chocolate bar without opening it. Since he is less than a five year old and aware of the nearby by person than strange one, he had received the chocolate from someone who gave and didn’t opened it nor he asked the question to the one who gave him chocolate bar. My kid also knows that such new practice is to be asked or enquired with mom or dad etc.

I asked him who gave him this bar? He replied that neighbor uncle who is sometime mingle and have fun with kids and he has given it not only for him other kids as well who were there at that time.
I saw that this bar is something different than the normal chocolate bar we used to have it, this one looks pretty expensive one too though it has branded name with all other detail and I further enquired about it to nearby aunt whose son has given it. She told me that they are buying such Protein bar these days and those bars preferred by her son since few months. So, I opened it and first tasted myself a piece of it then given it to son. It is called Naturell brand protein bar and its pack was mentioned like ‘RiteBite’ Max protein, Choco Fudge, 75gm which has 20gm protein etc.

What is all about this Naturell's Protein bar?

It is nothing but Naturell brand Protein bar that comes with different varieties. After enquiring the neighbor, where to buy RiteBite Max protein bars nearby and all, I then tried them and bought three different varieties as below;

RiteBite Max Protein Choco Fudge

 RiteBite Max Protein Choco Slim
RiteBite Max Protein Choco Honey Lemon

RiteBite Max protein is the wholesome range of meal replacement bars with 20g protein, 5 gram fiber and up to 21 vitamins in a single serving. Sweet bite in a short time for energy and run.

Overall, these protein bars are nice quality, softy, tasty, crispy and contents all rich dry fruits and one of the flavor is honey lemon that tastes entirely different than the others. You may try them, experiment them and enjoy them. RiteBite Max protein bar. Yummy!

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