Monday, November 30, 2015

My favorite dessert with Sugar Free Natura

Are you looking for some different dessert to cook and enjoy the delicious one among near and dears? If so, you can find one of the well known dessert recipe which many of you like without any doubt. This is all about sweet and mixed combination that gives you, your near and dear an additional pleasure. Who don’t like ‘sweets’? Even, diabetes want sweet though Doctor advised them not to have it. Hmmm, we can’t ignore diabetes patient too on this as long as they can enjoy one of the sweet dessert called ‘Caramel Custard’ and delicious side food.

How to prepare Caramel Custard?

You will find the detail here on how to cook Caramel Custard sweet recipe. Except few, many unaware on this how to cook but they might have consumed it on rare occasion. Anyhow, if you are sweet lover and would like experiment or have it then stop here and read the recipe, ingredients and cooking method to self-experiment then enjoy it.

Caramel Custard recipe:

Milk - half liter
Eggs – 6
Sugarless Khova (100 gms)
Badam 50 gms each (sliced)
Cashew 50 gms each (sliced)
Sugarfree Natura (around 200 gms)
Vanilla or Caramel essence 1 Tablespoon
Add yellow or brown color per choice

Image courtesy: aishcook


Caramel Custard cooking method:

Half liter milk and sugar free of 200 gms to be mixed (it is better to use sugar free Khova in addition) and boiled for 25 minutes in a mini-vessel, once it is boiled then take out and keep it aside for cool.

Take another bowl and mix Caramel essence and six eggs in a gentle manner then keep it aside. Once it is done, try to mix milk added Sugarfree Natura with eggs added Caramel essence, plus, add the sliced Badam (Almond) and Cashew except few for topping at the end.

Image courtesy: Sugar Free Natura

Take a bowl again, try to fry the three spoon sugar a bit and keep aside. Now, all these three steps’ (milk and Sugarfree Natura added + eggs and Caramel essence added + just fried sugar) different items to be mixed on fried sugar bowl which must fit all these items. Now, very important step to be made to get the best result of Caramel custard which without that it may not give the best finishing and taste. How to do it? Yes, this is very careful step to be taken care of. 

All the mixed items to be in one bowl and cook them like a steam method for 45 minutes. Once it is cooked as a steam method, you may then keep it aside till it becomes cool. Once it is cool and normal, you may then take a tray and make cooked Caramel custard to ‘up side down’. Once it is done, you may then add the balance sliced Almond and Cashew as topping for it. Wait for a while, you may add sliced fruit on it too. Now, you may serve for all.

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