Monday, November 16, 2015

My Mother who is undeniable #madeofgreat

This is all about the person who made of great in our lifetime. Though it can be many personalities come across in our life but I am writing about just one over here.

Though the mother is real receiver of many awards for her taking care of every kids ever since growing kids in her womb, then delivers, assist to grow and make them elder but father too plays few important role and services on this process which is unable to ignore and forget him beside mom. Sometime, a baby can grow well without mother (after her recent death of kid’s born or someone taking care kids than mother), or a baby can mostly grow without father too in some cases. It is somewhat related to nature and unavoidable circumstances that let it go for few kids who has to face some bitter life experiences. There is luck for most of the kids who accompany their parents till the kids become young one or adult one or even old one.

Difference between human and other creatures
Only the human who learn everything after born whereas other creatures born with learned naturally. For example, a human kid doesn’t even know how to talk but cry, kids doesn’t to walk for a certain period, doesn’t know to have from his / her own hand for a certain period, doesn’t know for self assisting on nature’s call, doesn’t know any dangerous ahead to signal to loved one than later signal and so on. On the other hand, a chicks know the danger in case if it sees a cat in front of it that too even if the chicks just born. Chicks know how to walk and how to eat though its mother not teach it yet. A puppy can swim without learning swimming from anyone including its mother. They born with learned whereas human learn after born. Now, who is teaching us more first? Mother or Father? I can only say that ‘mother’.

Difference between Mother and Father:

Father, he is great forever and he is hero forever for all their respective kids. It is for me too, I am neither able to forget him nor deniable on #madeofgreat. The difference between father and mother is vast naturally beside their duty with their kids. My mother who teach me how to live since childhood, how to walk, how to talk, when to stop the talk, when to be silent, how to remember, how to forget, when to work, when to relax, how to eat, how to recognize other, how to be self-efficient, what is the aim and motivation of life, when to have a fun and when to have a serious and so on. So, mother takes credit for many things or more than seventy percentages compare to father.

I was living within my dad and mom and they are living within me. They leave me alone with their body and character whether they are with me or far from my physical appearance. However, God gave me ‘soul’ that helped me to survive. I am standing today from them, what I am. Again, it is who that undeniably #madeofgreat.

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  1. Your article is really beautiful. Our parents indeed make a lot of sacrifices for his children. Even I have experienced this. I don’t think there is anybody more fitting for #madeofgreat than a parent. Wonderful article. All the best for the contest.

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