Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My favourite city in India – Bangalore

I born and brought up in Bangalore city and have seen enough growth of the city from my childhood days to date. The area where I am living in was nothing but a far home each other, mud road, pot holes on street, clog water issue during rain, potable water issue and less crowd. These were the situation of the city couple of decades ago, or afraid of very silent atmosphere except some of the birds sound in the early morning and night beside talks between family members and school friends just. The overall communication was very less compare to these days. The stray dog in our area was / is normal around which never disturbs us since their group easily identifies us or they came on the earth in front of us so those stray dogs can understand the seniority and residence too.

Regarding Drive, Design and Connect of the city, Bangalore was far behind compare to other growing city in India. This city was never called as Metropolitan city nor it was considered as one of the largest city in India. However, this city’s current growth turns everyone to see on it and brought them over here from their place whether their place would be around hundred kilometers far or thousand kilometers far or even more than thousand kilometers far from Bangalore, and foreigners too came to the city to enjoy their profession. Now, this city’s fast growing level almost came as same as other city’s growth in the country.

Drive – If driver is OK then half of the work is done whether the roads are OK or not around. Yes, once there was a road issue in Bangalore city’s nook and corner. However, it is now far better compare to those days or couple of years ago though the roads are recently completed around 50% to 70% better one in every corner of the city. So, one can drive well in Bangalore with their aim.  
Design - Since Bangalore is ever growing city, popularly known as IT hub, the people from various city came in, roads are better, the vehicles number increased and traffic too increased thus normally hard to overcome from the regular traffic in the city. Anyhow, one can reach the office within an hour as long as the city limit is surrounded by around twenty kilometers and traffic Police doing their best to divert the route, or make it two ways to one for the source and destination. Thus, no issue on its design.

Connect – The connections are up to date in Bangalore as long as all the basic requirements are available in the city for all. You may find International standard in many sectors whether it could be of Hospital (Health and care) or Education (Schools and Colleges) or Transportation (International and Domestic connection). No issue of advanced technology, infrastructure, transportation, telecom service, internet service, water facilities, easy access to each and every individual’s source etc. are the best connected as regular one. Thus, there is no issue of connectivity in Bangalore city.

So, all in all, Bangalore is one of the best city madeofgreat for Drive, Design and Connect for everyone.

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