Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fantastico education to change the life

As elders’ saying, education and knowledge is very important for a human. Without which he / she is like a handicapped. The Fantastico world needed well educated, disciplined and knowledgeable person to move to a different advanced path. 
Some people study for educational purpose, some people study for educational and knowledge purpose and some people study for their future and career only. There are different tastes in it from different people. However, my answer on this one is that, the fantastico education must be for educational purpose only since education itself already contain knowledge, future, discipline and career and so on. One shall not limit the education to limited educational itself and nor education aim shall have a different aspect.

The education makes a lot of different to the world. Yes, other than economy growth, the important one is, education eliminates the lack of knowledge when and after a person starts to study it. The person come to know that there is some potential or known factor that doesn’t know earlier or before education or study. So, it basically says that fantastico education waived out the zero knowledge or lack of knowledge or poor knowledge etc. based on the individual knowledge and talent. 
In this world, without study and education is like a person born physically and mentally handicapped despite they are having them. The more study one does based on individual’s capacity, the more chances of opening widen doors of the world. This one can get only via study or educational discipline.

A parents let join the baby to a baby sitting wherein the baby learn many things from other new baby or baby sitter. Though that baby have a sense and learned a bit from his / her home but it is incomplete which the parent too concern about this baby to learn and study further among others. This is also the first step to enter and see the outside of the world and get little bit study and knowledge. A baby learn to act or talk seeing other kids. 

The parents can give only love and assistant but they can’t give hundred percent study and knowledge assistant which the baby has to get it from somewhere else or out of his / her home. Most of the parents in the world are sending their baby or kids to nursery school or normal school just to get fantastico education which can further assist the baby to grow along with its own atmosphere that already have knowledge and future etc. in the education.

So, all in all, the education for the baby, teen and adult is as important as a breath to human without which one can’t have right knowledge and future. Now, the result have given in short about education, thus, every other parents are requested to follow their baby, teen and adult kids to assist on their education in whatsoever manner. The parents can be a contributor to change the different level of world. This is Fantastico world too.
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