Saturday, January 9, 2016

How to live Peacefully

World is searching for a Peace. There are so many issues around which kills peaceful life for related person and some time unrelated person who are nearby or who hear the incident of very strange or sad issues. Most of the time peace among human killed just because of either a selfish reason or worldly benefit. Nothing else.

However, is it wrong to think about the self? Is it wrong to gain worldly benefits? I am sure ‘No’ until and unless the selfishness doesn’t dominate or over ruled others' rights, and, the same goes to worldly benefit too which eventually try to grab the others' worldly benefit portion that finally destroys the peace for both.

Is peace-less life always occurs? I am sure ‘No’ but when it happens though it is as a rare one then it kills almost many hours or days or months or years for a pleasure life. Plus, it affects many surrounded by, including the sentiment of each human being differently with proportion wise.

Is peaceful life dominate peace-less life in real? In most of the case, peaceful life never dominate for a long time though most of the time one could be in a peaceful life journey only which naturally blessed to all but the nature is few seconds bad act from a human create peace-less act that kills for a long duration of peaceful life.

How to live happily then? It is a nature that one shall live happily though some natural's good and bad moment might come on the way which human can’t ignore it or stop it. However, how about the good and bad done by the human against nature’s act on this? Yes, this is the main concern which ultimately kills peaceful life for many. 

Is it like that the one person’s peaceful life cause of another person’s peace-less life or vice-versa, may be? Is it like that the one person’s happiness cause of another person’s sadness or vice-versa, may be? This is something strange. Anyhow, if one started to think about value of human being, self-patience and life discipline for all equally then the human can live peacefully by just thinking one that he / she is like me only. Yes, same feeling, same requirement, same human, same life and so on. Isn’t it?

So, value each human being whether he/she is dark or white in color, rich or poor, same nationality or foreigners. It doesn't matter and will live peacefully. Since peace is in our (human being's) hand thus not to kill it.

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