Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to turn Good Morning to Gold Morning

Are you looking for information on how to turn Good Morning into Gold Morning? If yes, you may check this article to get some tips and idea to live accordingly. Other than waking up in the early morning or wake up whenever you sleep naturally then try to brush and refresh yourself, as usual to get some positive result – which normally human does. This act keep a person afresh for a whole day to perform every task accordingly. 

Before going through the whole positive fact on brushing and turning into a Gold Morning from Good Morning, I would like to emphasize something over here. After regular brushing, try to follow the tips given (it was read somewhere online – courtesy to main source) below;

Seven keys to greater happiness and I also feel it is for Gold Mornings

1. Free your heart from negative feelings (it means be positive and no mistake if you come across negative feelings which sometime naturally comes for all)

2. Free your mind of pointless worries (it means, do not always worry about the near future and try to be at current situation and whatever circumstances better situation at present than worst one in case comparing. Also, it doesn’t mean if someone met an accident and suffering then shall not worry or concern. This applies to human when in a normal condition)

3. Choose a simple over complex (it means, do not pressurize yourself on something which you can’t bear it or afford it currently, so, keep focusing on which you can)

4. Avoid needless drama (It means, be real and be practical than some different character or imagination which is unworthy or beyond capable or imagination for oneself)

5. Stop judging others (It means, do not violate or corrupt yourself then judge others, one shall be in a good status to judge others, or else, try to avoid it to put yourself in a trouble for judging and its consequent results)

6. Love yourself (It doesn’t mean don’t love others. It also mean, first take care yourself though not selfish – in many circumstances, one normally love others which finally faces problem by self on various aspects. This is a big chapter to go but I restrict myself over here)

7. Be grateful (It also means, be grateful to all dependent for your life mission)

These are the tips and some ideas from me too to find Gold Mornings after brushing from #Colgate360GoldMornings. I bought this stunning tooth brush to try and check it, yes, its turned to be a Gold Morning. Yeah, once we done brushing from latest Colgate charcoal or Colgate 360 degree, one can find better mouth cleaning, protecting gum and cavity, breath re-freshens, shining and on.

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