Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Technology and its Impact

As you know, Technology is not going to stop anywhere at all but it will develop ever for sure. That’s what we all aim to develop it to facilitate human’s life on a good journey ahead. It is also not necessary that technology has to stop somewhere but its impact shall not affect human’s natural life. Yes, due to technology and trend changes, human too forget his or her natural life to live that affects a lot which finally cause him / her to put themselves in a machinery or technology life, and losing real life to live, fail on peaceful and happiness life which wrongly seeking them from techno innovation ever.

Technology and its impact shall not affect any human at all. Sometime human become addict to technology that finally makes human as slave. There are two sides of the coin that even applies to technology. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages too from technology. Yeah, only little disadvantages from technology though but it might be the reason for one’s life affect in case if an individual become an addict of it or use it wrongly. For example, technology helped to create innovative communication device like a smartphone which few take selfie that finally put end to their life by accidental incidents of death.

On the other hand, many uses the same technology innovation’s smartphones in a right manner that doesn’t affect them, and they get benefit from it too. Why? It is all because of that they know ‘how to use it effectively’. So, all in all, human shall be aware on technology and its impact shall not affect his / her own life.

Life and its impact:

We normally used to watch various advertisement on television daily and they all are about human’s life necessities. The way they show ads, impact us a lot to memorize it first and take the step next. Whatever we see the ads, all are related to technology innovation including the Television what we are watching currently. The Television itself changed a lot from old type big sized TV to a new one like LED screen and so on. A big sized TV with small screen to a thin one with larger screen through technology innovation after human’s effort. Technology grows, life impact changes and result differs.

The next one is, computer and its impact. Once the computer system used to use only very few people. It was a dream for the rest of them or it was a proud matter if one talks about the computer in those olden days. Nowadays, almost every home have a computer desktop or laptop or tablet PC and so on simply. These devices are good if one uses them in a right manner or else one can waste the precious time too by using it or just keeping it as it is. So, those gadgets shall not affect human normal life too and one shall have to work on it accordingly.
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