Monday, February 1, 2016

Impact of Smartphone

Smartphone revolution in recent years created lot of impacts among child, youth and even old age people. The touchscreen and its function surprised many by just one touch or slide work as we command it. Its an impact of technology too. I am not a techy to explain in deep about Mobile phone and Smartphone configuration or specification detail than rough idea.

When a normal Mobile phone released after a Pager revolution followed by a Cordless land-phone, the entire world looked surprisingly to those who used to use mobile phones like they are/were one of the ‘rich’ to have mobile phones with antenna services. One has to pay a big amount to get those devices too. The tariff were high as well. There were an issue of incoming charges, outgoing high charges and roaming charges and so on. No doubt about network to network (service provider) tie up and its function if the customers are / were lucky enough to get the call connectivity on travel. I am recalling those days though. Mobile phone impact was different than current Smartphone effect and trends as well.

Considering the past innovation, past technology uses, and current development on the technology and its impact, we can safely say that today is far better than yesterday and tomorrow will be much better than today from this technology world. Anyhow, the smartphone made craze to the child first than young and an old one.  Yes, the child would like to even touch or slide the readable text book just without seeing, reading and moving the page – as same as Smartphone type. This is the scenario of today’s kids who are around one to four years old. They enjoy the lighting of the smartphone, and of course game or cartoon pictures too whether the picture might be of their own parents or relatives or neighbors’, doesn’t matter for them since they don’t express anything than smile with hidden secret of cartoon feelings of own people.

The play game from Smartphone let kids craze a lot and no doubt about the time when Smartphone would be free to grab it by the kids from parents to enjoy it. It is of course an impact of Smartphone revolution with lot of stuff in it to enjoy by everyone.

The smartphone was once released with less RAM facility like 256RAM and gradually increased to 1GB then 2GB and 4GB etc. Internal memory created more issue for the end user to store the audio, video and files though the company itself gives more than 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and some 32GB and above ROM. The end user wanted it more and more again including its processor.

So, the company decided to increase more internal memory option, and then they left the end user with the choices to use external memory slot as they like. These are more than computer configuration for sure though. There is no limit wish on it for end users’ requirement and choice for smartphone. This created lot of impact to other as well who doesn’t even know what is the basic technical detail and how to use smartphone fully and effectively.

The Dual SIM created dual problem sometime. Yes, sometime dual slot issue or dual slot is for either dual SIM or a SIM and the other one is for external memory card. The battery life created more issue for its user, so, they even brought and bought ‘Power bank’ which again needs power supply to full charge itself first. Hmmm…the impact of smartphone really craze us though it is fully effective and useful for all in various method of communication like voice, video, chat etc.

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