Friday, March 4, 2016

My Kasam from my Man

I used to deliberately fight and fun with my life partner, it is depend on the situation or else it might go in a different direction or a negative way. So, I must be very careful to select the exact time for it or else possibly conflict may happen even though he is a kind of person who can compromise normally, that too when his opponent does the mistakes. Since we got to know each other’s little late, he knows how to handle the situation calm and cool, so, I am.

I came to know about my life partner’ wishes little late since it was an arranged marriage, thus, just few days before the marriage only I came to know little bit about my life partner’s likes or dislikes etc. though the entire detail was not complete till our marriage and passed couple of months and years to know completely.

The marriage was happened after elders’ blessing, so, both the person has to be very careful, respectful, reportful and freedom too. Whatsoever, conflict happens sometime that is a part of life and shall not seriously break the heart or relationship. In such conflict situation, one shall leave ego and bad things if any, both can internally solve it by discussing the main matter instead of beating around the bush etc. the situation must be calm and cool while discussing it, and it must be a short and sweet fact too.

The relationship is a chain one, so, no one must be a reason to break the chain of relationship at both the sides. Since relationships are combined with love, trust, commitment, respect, dignity, compromises, promises and future etc. thus sometime our acceptance on unfair decision to be agreed for a good reason or our life progress ahead, leaving ego. This is where ‘human being’ stand than ‘animal being’. This is the time other learn from us too for a compromise and kindness.

My Kasam from husband is to understand the whole picture or detail well for any matter before taking any step or decision. It might be a false that instantly looks as right, and sometime it might be true that looks instantly as a false. The ‘coin’ will have a value only if it has both the sides and printed formally, or else, one side printed coin won’t have a value. So, find the truth before taking any step. The way we speak to our life partner amused them but they too learn from us which they are unaware of, so, we. Therefore, we both are on a same train track to reach the heavenly destination from earthy life journey.

I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.

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