Saturday, March 5, 2016

Self service for laundry at home

Mummy…Mujhe pehen ne kapda diyo… these are the words often used to use while wearing banians and underwear when I was a childhood. This call was to my mom directly who was the only person at home knows where are my clothes and when to wear it etc. my father knows nothing about it though he helped to buy them. Other family members or elders too doesn’t know about my clothes and even myself. See, have you ever heard about ‘father tongue’? I think ‘no’ or ‘never’. This is the life and we just know very well that only ‘mother tongue’ is exists naturally. So, she comes first for many things.

Mother plays very important role for taking care of the family members for many assistant works around. Then, the next comes to assist us by either elder sisters or other siblings for day to day garment requirement or other basic requirement. Father's contribution for the family is a different one. It is not all about gender prejudices on this but it is all about naturally service minded by the woman or female for their beloved ones. 

At home, this assisting work will either do it by mom or maid. Yes, it has nothing to with gender issue on this. Yes, one thing has to be considered nowadays is all about their (women / housewife / sisters) busiest situation and commitment like working in a company or managing business firm etc. thus boy or male has to understand it, consider it and do it self-service on this laundry job.

Considering the present lifestyle for both the gender, male also shall agree that washing clothes or laundry at home is not only woman’s job but male or boy’s too. So, the current situation also helps for both the genders now. How? It is nothing but there are plenty of advanced technology for these works too. Yes, one can get affordable washing machine to wash the clothes with ‘automatic option’ and the washing powder like Ariel brand too helps for it. 

So, where is the issue now for man or woman. One can simply bring the dirty clothes and dump it in the washing machine, set the timer, use washing powder like an Ariel, open the water tap and set it as per convenient to wash it. That’s it. You may enjoy other works or watching television while the clothes are automatically washing it.

The next part is, the washing machine will alarm us after finishing the clothes washing. In this time, we just need to get up and remove the clothes from it and put it outside for little dryness since those washed clothes were already soaked, washed, spinned and almost half dried from wet. After few hours, you can take the dried clothes from outside and spend few minutes to iron them. That’s it. Almost everything is done by you (or male) only without any energy or much effort. So, this effort can help to eradicate the gender issue on this matter and it will help our future generation too.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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