Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tea habit or addict

In the earlier days, I mean when I was a childhood and knowledge increases and remembering it than forgetting silly baby acts...I only can remember one of the thing is having a cup of tea in the early morning that given us by mom. At the same time, my evening tea never fails. It mean, at least consuming tea was twice a day. It was slowly increased to thrice a day when age increases, yes, around 12pm - one more tea (if not in school or colleges) and if not at home then some different refreshment outside with family or friends.

The habit of tea never reduced till sometime back, yes, I was addicted to tea than food. Many people advised me not to have a cup of tea often. This is not good habit, especially if someone consuming tea with milk. Some say tea without milk (decoction) is better than with milk one. Totally confused, and some said, tea decotion with lemon or mint is far better than all. Some tea or slim tea is far better than all.

All has some pros and cons that what I know. Some says, tea is one of the main cause of health issue and some says tea does tense instead of active. These all are depend on individual health suitability and sustain. I can't research anymore on this. I can either consume it or stop it based on my body acceptance and suits. That's it.

There are many company that runs with billions of turnover just because of tea business depending its consumption worldwide, or else, their business may go down concerning our health as well. Some even asking how to overcome from tea addict? The answer in itself...addict can waive if de-addict happens simply. They just need to put some effort or replacement for addiction to de-addict. Yes, I did the same and now I am free from tea addiction and feel simply healthy.

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