Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live Taj Mahal from Yatra

Are you a traveler and would love to visit and see the well known Taj Mahal, live? If so, here you go for its detail. I recently visited New Delhi for a short trip where I got enough time to reach Agra from Delhi just to spend few hours to enjoy the Taj Mahal which is one of the wonders of the world. Why not? Who can miss such an opportunity if one is it’s near and if it was in a dream list too? The one who likes to visit Taj Mahal is due to couples of reasons, and few of them must be a long time wishlist, or a love affection, or the best places to see it as it is one of the wonders of the world, or its unique and charm history, or must be a traveler, or to see best architect, or memorable event to keep in a diary, since long.

My travel begun from home to Railway station and reached to New Delhi. After function over, I had to go to Agra with my family to see live Taj Mahal. We took a cab from Delhi to Agra and that also helped us by Yatra online service. Likewise, we returned home by Train. Whatsoever, you can check our visit detail as below;

You may see some of the best photos or images of Taj Mahal over here. There was a fun within these premises. Yes, the Taj Mahal itself built based on the essence and story of the love of a well-known Moghul ruler couple. So, to see this, many young and old couples came over here and took some unique snaps as they like. Each couple took snaps in a different pose which make us a laugh a lot. This was one of the beautiful and memorable scene over there. I was with my family of course and unfortunate that I didn't enjoy as much as I supposed to do. But, I enjoyed each second over there and rounded the Taj Mahal, and went to its back side where Yamuna river is flowing too. The parrots sound still remembers and greenness around helps to refresh breathes.


 Front view

One of the best times to visit Taj Mahal is during an early morning after a light break-fast to avoid a long queue and much crowded to enter inside it. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has undertaken it after Aga Khan Trust. You can try to buy a shoe cover while buying a ticket to avoid any disappointment after entering Taj. Do not take any baggage or luggage which the security guards avoid it to carry them inside. You may take cameras and smartphones which have no issue. Do not violate camera and video formalities though you can use the camera after its stated point too. This is one of the best places to visit in India, of course. Tourists can enjoy it as a memorable one for a long.

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There are many things to write about it but will try to finish it off in a short due to each its own. It is better to visit and enjoy the experience over there at Taj itself. Anyhow, enjoy the Taj Mahal's photos from here, and you may add your comment below, if any. I will try to guide or assist you :)

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