Monday, May 9, 2016

New star

The custom forced her to marry on her young age which is one of the activities of a social, and nature too. She got married and little happiness moment passed for her and little bitter beside too. The days gone and months as well. She naturally changed her behavior, and her relationship of family increased from mother family to mother in law’s family. 

As usual, a different atmosphere, different relationship, different responsibilities to carry on along with routine work, as a change. She got some good news at the right time, yes, she was conceived to deliver within few months and later few weeks, she was going to health checkup often and Doctor given her particular date to admit in the hospital. She and her husband followed the medical advice as an excitement to come soon.

She admitted at the hospital and doctor told her hubby and family member that she has to go scissoring at the moment to deliver baby since it is little grown up. This is a normal one nowadays. Their family member accepted and signed on the medical agreement paper. As usual, almost some of them from her family and her hubby’s family are desperately waiting outside for a kid’s cry from operation room or at least Doctor’s exit to hear good news from him.
These relatives were just talking about health issue of the girl who conceived and delivering, and remembering the past medical history of her. There were some up’s and down’ on her health during pre-check as high BP and Sugar issue etc.

You can't break the bonds of some people. You will remain the one you love, with his / her own excuses. No matter how hard you struggle to differentiate a moment that nothing changes. People; at that moment, there once again lose something.

This is normal during pregnancy which she too faced the same. However, the waiting was over when the lady Doctor came out of the operation room. Yes, she informed all that Baby and Mother is OK. A baby boy born and healthy too. Everyone hug each other and had smiled / fun a lot. The journey not over yet but just begun for a new star as well.

It happened like a saying, which is nothing but while you're waiting for me to come one day, I found in you. Yes, the baby is a replica of these families and will act accordingly. This is the nature and have to move as such.

I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.

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