Thursday, June 2, 2016

Go with Datsun redi-Go car

I was discussing with my family members to sell the car that we are using since five years and would like to go with a new one for year 2016. There was a long debate on this at home and hard to finalize which car to buy to enjoy for a small family. Whatsoever, we cross checked couple of branded cars and its prices and got some knowledge about it. We actually were planning to buy a car which has height, mileage, average budget, new design and up to date model along with luxury in it. At the same time, the car shall match for every climate at every situation, whether it is summer or winter, foggy or bright sunshine and on.

So, we landed few branded cars website and finally we got to land Datsun website too. The interesting to know about one of the cars from Datsun is redi-Go which looks something different model compare to other brands. Yes, we were willing to search in-depth about it, especially on its features and benefit. We come to know that Datsun’s redi-Go Urban cross has almost all the requirement which we were looking out for. So, we finally went to see its feature one by one to make sure that they all are available.
Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Datsun redi-Go is really ‘made in India’ and this car for us is very useful and we can park this car anywhere in the small street in the city plus helpful for small turning radius. Other than this, Datsun redi-Go has the safety features as per its official website, as below; 

Three main features of Datsun redi-Go

Reinforced Crash Protection Shell from redi-Go

* This car has high strength body shell to absorb impact for passenger safety.

* Strengthened Datsun Body structure for optimized Torsional Rigidity and stiffness.

* Better Frontal Offset Crash performance.

* UN94 crash performance compliant.

Spacious overall Interior

Yes, this car has superb interior that can help to relax inside the car while drive or not drive the car. This car helps for bringing the entire family, because there’s more than enough room for everyone. With seating for five along with space for luggage, be ready to make your way through the city along with everyone.

Modern Dashboard

The dashboard must be good in any car to look its face beauty other than outer look of the car, yes, this Datsun redi-GO dashboard is a thing of beauty. The digital tachometer provides a modern touch, while the drive computer keeps you informed of your current fuel economy.

 Image courtesy: Datsun
If you ask me why this unique car does I like to take for a spin? The answer is simple. It has all the facilities and features that a small family looking for roaming around at any time at any climate.

My favorite place is Bangalore and surrounding in India for testing it (test drive). I would like to test it for having fun and memory that can enrich me to book and grab one. No doubt about Fun, Freedom and Confidence from this cute car. So, why don’t you try it for test drive to decide later? You may check Datsun redi-Go official site for more detail.

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