Monday, June 6, 2016

One best article is far better than hundreds of articles

I had somewhere read that writing one best and timely article is far better than hundreds of thousands of unsearchable articles, for visitors' search, search engine and traffic perspective. I don't know each writers' aim on writing on their blog or website but most of them would like to write one or other benefit, it could be of monetary benefit, it could be of just fame, it could be of marketing or it could be of any sort of gain including like a personal diary or hobby etc.

Whatsoever, their word is of course precious and one or other day some one might reach though everyone may not like, at least one or few person might stay over there to read it completely to understand the actual situation going through them. Yeah, I can understand that every visitors might not be interested to read entire post but few of them can as long as it is matching their taste. 

Likewise, the taste of the visitors or the requirement of the visitors might be vary from one to other. Yes, there could be subject that might search by mass or very few and landed at right webpage to know more detail to get the things that they are looking for.

So, it means, the more we concentrate on mass search is far better than few, thus, it has to be researched well or else one can lose their blog or writing reputation one or other day. Since my blog is all about travel, technical and general stuff, thus I might write various post related to the niche. However, they might not required by online visitors, or they might be required by few visitors but competitor already there for existing topic. Finally, I may lose the traffic for my blog despite I wrote and published about it on-time. Anyhow, this is a different, often or rare case, but what we need to understand is that, we have write the post (even though my niche) on-time and new information which other websites don't have.

Example, my website has technical and travel stuff despite huge competitors, it actually matters and doesn't matters as well. Yes, if we write the info of travel and tech that already other sites have then it matters that I might not get any visitors to my blog, if I write and post the info of tech and travel that other sites don't have then it doesn't matter to worry about visitors, they would finally come to my website only as long as the information provided by me is on-time and new compare to others.

The next one is, considering the above fact, if there is a mass search for what I wrote a new post for the same niche and on-time then my blog will get crown without any issue. So, this is one of the thing that I learned recently after a long search in various websites about the traffic.

Remember, one best (new and on-time) article is far better than hundreds of existing and too late posting of thousands of articles. 

Thanks for visiting my blog, enjoy it.

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