Monday, November 21, 2016

How to walk or travel or move ahead

In this blog post, I will brief something about some occasion where you have to walk or run or move or stop for a while and continue to do your job. If you found dirty or mud or hurdle on the way then you don’t need to spread the carpet on the mud to save your leg from dirt etc. but use something to cover your leg and move slowly until you find some more difficult ahead or else just cross the path and reach your place safely without grime or dirt.

In short, don’t struggle yourself by thinking a lot, you can move with your life likewise. Yes, there are many people around does like that; even a handicap person moves in his / her life likewise, so, nothing to worry on this. Only concern is, you shall not disturb anyone who walks on the same way whether you like them or not. Don’t ever disturb…don’t ever, unless they show interest to talk to you on the way and you are interested too or else try to be what you are and move with just smile to them.

Some crack may come opposite to you from any direction for just their own business with smile (that you may not aware in the beginning about their intention or target or self-oriented goal), try to attract you with sweet talks and may catch you for their business, but be very careful with such stranger until and unless you are really ready to go with them with complete awareness about it or else be precise yourself first. If you fail then it is not their mistake but yours, so, step-in carefully.

Sometime you will see the person who fights with others or even with you for some reason and it might look ugly but you can at least believe those people than sweet knife user, backstabbers, drama, politics, and gang and on. These people can turn with you any time after their business and before if the business doesn’t go well too.

God has given you the sense so use it sensibly.

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